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StudioDesk Announces its Best Creation in Artistic Studio Furniture, ‘Enterprise’

StudioDesk Announces its Best Creation in Artistic Studio Furniture, ‘Enterprise’

StudioDesk, the maker of artistic designer studio furniture, have several new things to announce at the start of 2018. Apart from gaining popularity as the premium manufacturer of state-of-the-art home and professional studio furniture, StudioDesk is now present in the US, and will be launching a brand new model expected to become its flagship product.

StudioDesk has wowed the artistic and professional community ever since its launch. The incomparable and recognizable modern designs along with carefully crafted features have set new standards in the niche space of studio furniture, gaining the trust of many acclaimed artists. The same finesse and sense of the artistic can be expected from the upcoming new model, the ‘Enterprise’.

Another good news for US customers is that now they can easily access StudioDesk products through its new logistics center inaugurated in Pennsylvania last year. Customers can now get faster deliveries with reliability and no-hassle processes for shipping directly from the US warehouse to places across the country and all over the world.

StudioDesk shot to limelight in the music industry with its four artistic studio furniture offerings. The Music Commander allows setting up a whole studio covering only 2 sq. m., the Beat Series is compact and versatile and provides more space than other similar products, the Pro Line series is for big studios and creates first class comfort during long hours of work, and the Virtuoso series is designed to be easily transformed to just the desk that is required. All products are available in different color combinations and engineered to match various workflows and studio requirements.

“We never wanted to produce just another studio furniture. That is why we’re producing a work of art. All aesthetics are built around user workflow. Once we had a solid workflow established, we had the task of deciding upon design. Our design seeks the innovative, up-to-date, modern look of the 21st century classic piano,” says Danny Galich of StudioDesk.

Being close to the music industry for over 30 years, the team behind StudioDesk began crafting quality, practical and ergonomic products starting 2014. The designer team stays up to date with the latest trends, and matches pace with the evolving technologies and customer requirements. Every product is thus seen not as a furniture or desk but part of the artists’ lives and workflows. StudioDesk is the proud owner of the Certificate for Creditworthiness rating excellence 2017.

For more information, please visit: https://www.studiodesk.net/

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