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The Feminine Princess aims to teach modern women to explore and enhance their feminine energy

The Feminine Princess aims to teach modern women to explore and enhance their feminine energy

The Feminine Princess is a unique project that aims to help the modern woman in understanding and improving her feminine energy to live in harmony with life, in turn bringing peace, happiness, and goodness to her. The initiative is led by Olive Swan, a feminine girl, and author of ‘39 Elements Of Femininity’ who desires to return the woman to traditional girly values based on the spirituality of God’s interpretation in modern times. “With models lost in popular culture, I hope to refresh our genetic memories and the natural role of the sacred ancient art of womanhood”, she expresses in her statement to the media.

Olive Swan offers a variety of services to help women in enhancing their femininity through her website thefeminineprincess.com. She also wrote a book called “39 Elements Of Femininity: A course for women to become the glory of men, who are the image of God” which has received great reviews from the readers on Amazon. The book is for any woman who wants to perfect her femininity in every aspect of her life: mental, spiritual and physical. It describes the science of feminine arts in easily readable, understandable and accessible lessons. After 5 weeks of continued practice, the readers will notice a visible change in their femininity and discover a new way of living.

Some of the courses offered by Olive are:

• Love Course
• Feminine Course 
• Lifestyle Course
• Masculine – Understanding Him Course 

All available on audio CDs. Each course also comes with a free e-book called, “18 ways to become feminine fast”.

Olive calls herself a feminine girl who takes pleasure in everything girly, most things pastel and some things Mediterranean. She doesn’t claim to have perfected all the elements of femininity but continuously works to enhance her feminine energy every day. Being feminine changed her approach to life and now she is on a mission to help other women discover their inner femininity so that they can also experience this bliss.

Unlike other feminine sites and businesses, Olive follows a unique approach to teach the art of becoming feminine. She inspires her clients to immerse themselves in femininity through the use of seven senses and adopt the same in every aspect of their life including the way they dress, speak, decorate their house and behave with the opposite gender.

More information about her courses and one on one counseling can be found at thefeminineprincess.com

To contact ‘The Feminine Princess’ call 562.446.1627 or drop a message at [email protected].

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