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Shur-Way Building Center Supply’s Top Materials for Decking in Vancouver WA

Shur-Way Building Center Supply’s Top Materials for Decking in Vancouver WA

Vancouver, WA A company selling building supplies in Vancouver is now the leading provider of materials for home improvements and remodeling. Shur-Way Building Center has made it easy for its customers to make creative additions to their homes by providing state-of-the-art materials for decks, fences, garden beds, and other home improvements. Located in Vancouver, Washington, it serves the residents of Vancouver and its neighboring areas. Aside from selling materials for house remodeling, the company has specialists who are ready to give advice regarding a customer’s building project.

Creating that perfect addition to your home is a great experience. Customizing your house gives you a true feeling of ownership, and seeing your own flair put into the place you live is satisfaction like no other. Once you decide to make the addition, you want to make sure your new structure is sturdy, stable, and strong. Using cheap, low-quality materials is a risk not worth taking, as your project could get ruined quickly and require costly repairs or even an entire replacement. Shur-Way Building Centers carries top-of-the-line materials and will help you make your design come to life!,” states the company on its homepage.

Shur-Way Building Center started as a small lumber store ran by Ray Groth who used to work at Mr. Plywood. His son-in-law and a former co-worker at Mr. Plywood helped him put up the store, which they named Shur-Cut Industries. Business was slow at first but the three persevered. Their business grew fast and they were able to expand to other locations.

The company is now the major supplier of decking, siding, fencing, lumber, hardwood, plywood, roofing, flooring, Bessler hidden stairways, shed kits, doors, interior moldings or trims, and outdoor living. Aside from selling high-quality materials, the store carries a line of the best tools, treatments, and fasteners that will make the client’s projects last for many years. The company also has a store in Portland, Oregon. Today, the company has added the products that it sells to meet the demands of its customers. People want to personalize their homes and they go to Shur-Way Building Center for the materials that they will need. This makes remodeling or improving a home easy for residents of Portland and Vancouver.

For inquiries, dial 360-693-4737 or send an email to [email protected]

Interested parties may visit the company website at http://shurway.com/ for more information.

Shur-Way Building Center is located at 7124 NE St Johns Rd Vancouver WA 98665.

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Company Name: Shur-way Building Center
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Email: [email protected]
Phone: (360) 693-4737
Address:7124 NE St Johns Rd
City: Vancouver
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